Why Observe an Anniversary?

Many of you are aware that Saturday, June 21, 2014 will mark the second anniversary of John Stephen Morris’ passing.

Why should we remember?John was an immensely talented, creative and visionary man.  You will meet few like that in your life.As a result, he inspired and blessed thousands of us in various ways giving thousands of people the dream of their lives.

Did John have weak points? Of course, we all do, but he always strove to overcome them and not let them stand in the way of his life’s mission and dream…and the result was magnificent.His indomitable spirit and singleness of purpose overcame all obstacles. Even after diagnosis with his illness, he never lost sight of his dream.Only days before his death, he was encouraging us to begin the next show.The passionate pursuing of a dream and a vision draws many people to it, and so it was with John.We make no apology for any of the content or the people appearing in the slide show, everything you see was a part of his life .

Sadly, the cancer that wracked his body won and he succumbed to its force.Even sadder, there were those whom he counted as friends, associates, and partners, who scorned him, robbed him, and even attempted to erase him from history, but neither force could kill the great dream and vision he inspired.

One year ago on June 23, nearly 100 performers in total gathered together in the grand Leeds Town Hall, the site of Johns inaugural concert, and performed a stunning tribute concert in his memory before a standing room only audience who, to a person, rose to their feet at its climax, so powerful was that dream and the love for the man that engendered it.

So today, we pause, and thank God for John Stephen Morris and all he meant to so many. We also commit ourselves anew to carry that dream and that vision even further as a sterling tribute to all that John did and envisioned regardless of the time needed to accomplish it.

For those of you who so eagerly await that day, I want to tell you about the bamboo tree.It appears as but a two or three inch rounded nub out of the ground…and for five years there is no apparent change.Then suddenly in the space of two to three weeks, it soars to 20-30 feet in height and fully leafed out.   The question is did that miraculous growth occur in two to three weeks or did it actually happen during the five years that preceded it? During the period when it appeared there was nothing that nub gathered all the resources it would need to do something truly miraculous.

Two years ago there were those of us who committed to keep John’s dream and vision alive.One year ago, we publicly committed ourselves to that task and from the roots of John’s dream that nub appeared above the ground.   In the time that has ensued that nub has steadily begun to gather all it needs to do something miraculous and stunning. Even at this time of remembrance and anniversary much of what is needed to accomplish that goal is coming together in place.

The greatest remembrance and appreciation we can give is to forge ahead toward the realization of John’s dream and make it reach even greater heights than ever before both in the US and the UK.This we will do, and in the doing of it, we will always remember the one who made it possible, and honor that memory by making it even greater. 


Thank you John Stephen Morris for the memories of the past and the dream for the future!



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