Phil Cole and Jude Hill request

We just had the following request.Whilst out of context with the posters original comments shown below we have given its content careful consideration.This was one of many videos filmed at the John Morris Memorial concert. We had thought of removing it originally along with other vocals because of the rather LIMITED PITCH RANGE  (Difficulty In Register Transition) as typically, untrained voices have narrower pitch range than trained singers as demonstrated in this particular track, normally due to lack of “register” development. The term “register” is used to describe a series of tones that are produced by similarly mechanical gestures of vocal fold vibration, glottal and pharyngeal shape, and related air pressure.Some common designations of registers are the “head”, “chest”, and “falsetto” registers. Singing requires transitions from one register to another; each of these transitions is called a “passaggio” (“passageway”). Lack of coordination of the laryngeal musculature with the breath support may result in a “register break”, or obvious shift from one tone quality to another. Untrained male voices and female “belters” tend to “break” into falsetto/head voice in the upper range. Regardless of the style of singing, a “blend”, or smooth transition between the registers is desirable. However this concert was not about any particular individuals performance . It was a tribute to a dearly departed colleague and therefore we have decided that the video will stay.Johns vision was to bring the joy of singing to everyone and John never judged vocal ability nor made comment to orchestration and performers. In Johns eyes everybody was a star. Phil your a true Star and your performance can be enjoyed by all.

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